Date: Saturday 2nd September 2017

The Bigfoot Snow Trail Marathon takes runners on a spectacular journey into the high country of Victoria. The unique scenery is amazing and with a projected thick layer of snow cover the sights and challenges will be some you usually don’t usually get in your average Australian marathon! Starting in the Ski Resort Village of Falls Creek, this event provides a great backdrop to an amazing family weekend in the snow country.

Race Category


  • Solo
  • Team of 2

  • Statistics

    Ascent: 1882m
    Descent: 1882m
    Max Altitude: 1852m

    Go as you please?

    This is a go as you please event – runners have mandatory gear they must wear and carry – however when it comes to the mode of travel across the snow – the conditions can and will vary throughout the course. This is a footrace – you will need a good pair of shoes. On top of shoes selection however – you may find at times the snow is icey and the best grip is gained from microspikes, however you may also hit the back country and find yourself thigh deep in snow cover and the use of snowshoes will provide the best way of moving forward. Part of this adventure is managing what the elements throw at you on the day.

    Aid Station List

  • Pretty Valley Hut – 4.5km
  • Tawonga Huts – 9.8km
  • Tawonga Huts – 14.1km
  • Pretty Valley Huts – 19.5km
  • Mt McKay Hut – 22.5km
  • Howman’s Gap – 33km
  • Falls Creek 42.2km

  • Resources

    • All MAPS and GPX Files HERE

      Course Description

      Due to the nature of the terrain, the season and snow – the course has been set however it could have minor changes. Below is the preliminary course. On race weekend the course will be marked and all runners will be notified of any course changes if any are needed.

      The start of the event is at Slalom Plaza at Falls Creek.

      Leg 1: Slalom Plaza to Pretty Valley Hut

      Description: Runners embark on their journey from Slalom Plaza in Falls Creek and on to Pretty Valley Hut and Checkpoint/Aid Station One. Runners take the Home Trail to the top of the first major climb and then run along groomed trail to Pretty Valley Huts and the first checkpoint.
      Distance: 4.5km (approx)

      Leg 2: Pretty Valley Hut to Tawonga Huts

      Description: After leaving checkpoint one, runners descend further to Pretty Valley Pond and cross the causeway and make their way up to the Cooper Memorial. Runners then descend again, gently toward Tawonga Huts. Tawonga Huts is the home of Checkpoint/Aid Station Two.

      Distance from Start: 9.8km (approx)

      Leg 3: Tawonga Huts to Mt Jaithmaitang to Tawonga Huts

      Description: From Tawonga Huts runners leave the main trail and take a remote footpad to the summit of Mt Jaithmaitang. Here runners check in (take amazing pics of themselves) and return to Tawonga Huts Checkpoint and Aid Station (3).

      Distance of this leg – approx 4km. Elapsed distance: 14km.

      Leg 4: Tawonga Huts to Pretty Valley Hut

      Description: Runners retrace their steps back along Fainter Fire Trail, passing Coopers Memorial and making their way across the causeway at Pretty Valley Pond back to Pretty Valley Hut and Checkpoint and Aid Station (4).

      Distance: from start: 19.5km (approx)

      Leg 5: Pretty Valley Hut to THE JUNCTION
      Description: From Pretty Valley Hut the run back along the trail to the Junction Checkpoint as 21km. Runners in the Marathon need to reach this point in 5.5hours from the start time. Runners reaching this checkpoint AFTER 5.5 hours will be withdrawn from the SnowMarathon and directed onto the SnowSprint course and credited instead with a SnowSprint finish. Note the Junction is a checkpoint only – NOT an aid station.

      Distance from the start: Approx 21.1km

      Part Two

      Leg 6: The Junction to Howman’s Gap

      Description: Leaving the Junction – runners make their way along Mt McKay Rd to the Summit of Mt McKay where they reach Aid Station (5). Runners then make their way down Road 24 winding through alpine ferns and stands of Mountain Ash. This trail emerges at Howman’s Gap and Checkpoint and Aid Station (6). Runners need to have reached this point by 8h30m to be allowed to continue.

      Distance: Approx 33km.

      Leg 7: Howman’s Gap to Falls Creek

      Description: Runners leave Howman’s Gap and climb steeply up Frying Pan Spur Trail. Runners then track along the ridge and then follow Home Trail down into Slalom Plaza for a fast finish.
      Distance: 40.2km