Runner Safety

Mountain Sports takes Runner safety very seriously. The following elements are part of the safety management plan for this event. This plan is filed with authorities and must be adhered to for the event to be legally able to run. Runners should turn up to the event with a mindset of following their side of the safety rules as outlined below.

Bigfoot SnowTrail has a 6 pronged approach to safety for runners in this event.

1) Mandatory gear
2) Live Trackers
3) SES on-snow support and communications
4) PDF Map navigation
5) Aid Stations and CheckPoints
6) Sweepers

1) Mandatory Gear – this MUST be taken in its entirety. In the initial event some runners mentioned they were not sure the entire kit would be needed. The feedback after the event was that that gear list was very suitable and they felt good having it all. Mountain Sports will not allow you to start without the Mandatory Gear. It can be hired or purchased.

2) Live Trackers – during the event we monitor your whereabouts on the monitor at the hub. All runners are fitted with Live Trackers.

3) SES Support – The local Falls Creek SES is an ON-Snow unit and have experience and expertise in one of Australia’s most extreme weather systems. They provide us with On Snow vehicles and SkiDoo’s as well as first aid, extraction and recovery services. SES also provide communications to our Aid Stations.

4) PDF Map navigation. Part of all runners mandatory gear is a Smart Phone and PDF Maps app loaded with the course maps. This app can help you navigate in the case of a white out without course markings.

5) Aid Stations and Checkpoints. – All aid stations are checkpoints and runners will be checked through these areas to ensure they are safe and accounted for. The aid stations can get you warm and serve hot beverages as well as energy foods.

6) Sweepers – these are on cross country ski’s and are able to cover alot of ground quickly. The sweepers travel at cut of times and ensure there will be no runners left on the course at the end.

All runners who enter the SnowTrail event are bound to respect the entirety of the SnowTrail safety plan. Runners who do not respect the above items will be asked to leave the course and will forfeit any reward or acclamation.