Information Topics

Information topics are listed below in alphabetical order – we will add more as needed.

The best place to stay for convenience and atmosphere is Falls Creek. The next best spot is Howmans Gap. Falls Creek offers a multitude of options for runners which include rooms and cottages. Howmans Gap offers both cottages and Dorm style accommodation.

We recommend Crescent Moon Snow Shoes. They are lightweight, running snowshoes which are easy to carry when not used and easy to slip on your feet when needed. They come in a few models including carbon fibre for if you really love snowshoeing and feel racey!! Crescent Moon Snowshoes are available through Wilderness Sports in Jindabyne.

Spectators on the course.
Not really…. – you are heading into the back country – this is not terribly accessible on foot. However, it is accessible on cross country skis and if you know of anyone keen – we are looking for sweepers.

Mandatory Gear
We are extremely strict about this gear. While it may seem like alot of gear to carry – it really isn’t as most of the gear you will be wearing! This event is one in which your gear could easily save your life. We do not compromise and allow you to run without it. Please do not turn up without it as refusal to start may offend.